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  • I was nominated for membership into the Tomouh Community of Leaders. The membership committee reviewed my CV and I was approved for membership.

  • I was invited to speak at the Tomouh Community of Leaders 2019 Retreat in Bath, England. My speech was entitled, Kingmaker: The Creation of Modern Arabia and the Power of Film to Impact Change.

  • I was interviewed for ShortsTV's "Filmmaker Spotlight" for The Honeysting.

  • I co-created and sold a television series to Amazon International.

  • Brad and I are currently writing the novel of our feature screenplay, The Priest Who Knew Too Much, a 1970's spy thriller based in East Germany.

  • I am currently raising financing for Kingmaker, the feature screenplay Brad and I co-wrote. Adapted from Gertrude Bell: A Biography by H.V.F. Winstone, Kingmaker was a Top-3 finalist with the FINAL DRAFT Big Break Screenwriting Contest with over 7,000 screenplay submissions, and was a Quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. Logline: When British maverick adventurer, Gertrude Bell, the  female “Lawrence of Arabia,” and an ardent advocate for Arab independence becomes entangled in the backroom politics of World War I era Mesopotamia, she battles her commanding officers, and her own demons, to crown Faisal as the first King of Iraq. Website:

  • The Honeysting aired on cable channel ShortsTV's program '100 Films by Her" which is "dedicated to the success of women filmmakers." The film has been airing for the past 11 years in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

  • I am an alumna of the Sony Pictures Television Diverse Directors Program - 1 of 25 directors, out of an applicant pool of over 450.








  • I directed a 5-performance run of Christopher Durang's 'Dentity Crisis at Theatre Asylum as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Named "Best of Fringe" - the top 9 out of 280 plays. The play won four Scenie Awards from Stage Scene LA: Memorable Direction, Memorable Production, Memorable Ensemble Cast Performance and Best Performance.









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